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What is the cost to rent the venue?

We have many different options for day rentals, hourly rentals, wedding packages, etc. Reach out to us with what you are requiring for the rental, and we can get a quote together for you!

Can I do a rehearsal at the venue?

When booking a Saturday wedding package with us, you are given access to the venue from the Friday before the wedding (5pm) to Sunday, the day after the wedding (11am). For the intentions of a rehearsal run through, wedding set up, and clean up purposes only. We may be able to accommodate a different time slot if requested in advance.

What if it rains on my wedding day?

We are an outdoor venue and unpredictable weather, and other circumstances, are a possibility. However, included in our space is a 40×80 pavilion that is closed in on two sides and the options of drop-down awnings on the front and back of the pavilion (only the entrance way can not be covered).

The “designated ceremony spot” is completely outdoors. However (if your guest count accommodates for it) with bad weather both the reception and ceremony could be held under the pavilion. If your crowd is larger, we do have white tent(s) that we could put up if need be (may be subject to an additional fee if requested). There is a walk from the parking lot to the ceremony spot and then to the pavilion; that cannot be covered.

How are the bugs at the venue?

With being an outdoor venue, bugs and insects are unavoidable. With your wedding package, it is included for an external company to come out and spray for bugs the day before your event to combat the potential of little pests to be a nuisance the day of the wedding.

How many people can you accommodate?

Our pavilion has a max capacity of 250 guests. If you are doing a seated dinner, we recommend staying under 200 guests, and our ceremony bench seating is set up for 200 guests. With our venue giving you approximately 8 acres of space, we can make certain accommodations to house a larger crowd if need be.

Do I have to use specific venders at your venue?

We welcome any and all venders. If you need help in finding someone, we are more than happy to recommend venders we have worked with in the past that we worked well with!

Is there power at the venue?

We are currently operating off of inverter generators that feed into a normal electrical panel with normal outlets. The generators are quiet and strategically placed so you don’t notice them. We are currently working towards a full off grid system in the near future!

Are bathrooms provided?

We custom built a portable bathroom to have at the venue the day of your event.

What is provided with the venue?

We have the essentials for an outdoor event; 40×80 pavilion for shelter, tables, chairs, linens/ napkins, and décor. You can request to have everything included or simply rent the space and stock it with your own items.

I would like a different chair/ table/ linen/ décor option than you provide.

No problem, you are more than welcome to rent out/ bring in your own options that you prefer!

Do you provide catering?

We do not do anything food related. We welcome any and all catering options to be brought it, even your own. Which also goes for dish ware, if your catering choice does not include dishes/cutlery/ cups, you will need to buy your own/ rent them in.

Do you have an on-site kitchen?

We do not have an on-site kitchen. We only have an additional spare room under the pavilion that can act as a bar serving room or catering serving room. Additional measures can be taken, (like a 20×30 tent) can be set up if your caterer requires a bigger space to prep/ serve from.

What are your bar options?

We are equipped and licensed to handle your bar needs on site. If you prefer, you can obtain your own S.O.P (special occasion permit) and handle it yourself.

Do you have a shut down time?

We do not have a specific shut down time, we just require you to follow the by-laws. The serving of alcohol legally needs to be stopped no later than 2am.

Do you have any availability left?

We keep an up-to-date availability calendar on our website, you can check to see if your desired date is still available there.

How do I book a date?

We work on a first come first serve basis with deposits. Once you decide on a date and type of rental, let us know and we will send you a quote and contract. Once reviewed and agreed upon, you can forward your deposit and the date is then booked for you.

When can I tour the venue?

We work by appointment only and can usually accommodate almost any time slot requested, given the venue is not already rented by someone else. Send us a message!

What is the best way to contact you?

We are very easy going. Call/ text/ email/ DM on social media pages, whatever your preference, we will answer within 24 hours.

I already have a venue booked, but can I still use your services?

Absolutely, we extend our services offsite as well with rentals, decorating, planning, day of coordination, etc.

Is your venue lit up or do I need to bring my own lights?

Our pavilion is lit up, the rest of the venue is not.

Do you allow open flames?

Under the pavilion we allow small candles in holders to be lit. No other areas are permitted to have any type of open flames.

Do you allow smoking?

There is no smoking allowed under the pavilion, but there is a designated smoking section on site.

What is your operating season?

We are an outdoor venue, so optimal season for us is May-October. We are open to accommodating events outside this time frame but with the understanding that outdoor climates may not be optimal outside this window.

Do you have any options to cool or heat the pavilion?

As we are an open-air building, there is no A/C or heaters in place. Under the pavilion is (usually) nicely shaded and has a light breeze going through as we are on the ridge. Fans can be brought in and used if desired. If it gets cold the day of your event, a commercial propane heater can be rented in by a third party at your expense.

Do you have speakers?

We do not have or supply any speakers, microphones, etc. If you are using a DJ for you event, inquire with them as they usually allow you to use their equipment with their services. Otherwise, they can be rented out by a third party at your expense.

How far out can I book?

We allow bookings 2 years in advance and no minimum time notice needed; given your requested date is available.